February 15, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Thnks Ang for the input! I defrosted a roast and its currently cooking in my crock pot...I've got potatoes to cook and mash, a salad, and am debating over a cooked veggie...I know its wintertime and I should do something warm, but isn't pot roast bout as wintery as you can get when it comes to dinnertime?

My fantastic hubby BB did a 180 regarding food and surprised me by stopping at the store to pick up some needed items that we didn't pick at Costco, and included in the order a half dozen coral roses, a beautiful card, and a box of brownie mix for dessert tonight.

My brother is coming up and is bringing ice cream to top it off...now all I need is the ability to drink a cup of coffee without the Tiny Princess staying up all night. SIGH...if the fulfillment of finally being able to breastfeed wasn't so great, I'd cave and make a pot right now and drink the whole darn thing myself! Instead, I have a nice cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea (good for keeping my "girlness" in working order) steeping on my stove, but somehow it isn't quite the same as nice, dark, rich coffee with half and half or heavy cream and some sugar in it...

Well...I suppose that makes my decision for me...until I know for sure that Princess is on a real routine (NOT a schedule), and is consistent, I'll be avoiding coffee, and most chocolate items, along with caffeine of any sort I know of. *sob*

Somehow, going through the pregnancy, knowing that it's better for the baby, blah blah blah makes it a little easier to avoid caffeine, but I'll tell you what...the best thing after Captain Chaos was born was to know that I could have coffee...of course, the weather being a heat wave in June was not conducive to drinking coffee, but still I knew I could have it if I wanted. For some reason it's harder this time.

Tell me Farmie...does it get any easier the more children you have? Do you just decide "Phooey on the baby...I need caffeine!" and they eventually get used to it!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

your dinner sounds wonderful. and cozy..

currently I'm waiting for mom and sheeprancher to come over for dinner so we can heat up some papa murphy chicken garlic pizza. I'm starved.

FarmWife said...

to answer your question: yes. Eventually you think, I've had it. I must have something indulgent.

I pretty much gave up caffine when I was preggers with BabyGirl. After she was born I stuck with it long enough that now a cup of regular coffee makes me shake like I'm hypoglycemic. I can drink Coke all day long with no problems, but no coffee. Go figure.

But I do drink soda, eat chocolate, and love onions & peppers...the baby adapts rather quickly in my experience.