February 19, 2008

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I meant to post this last week, after my post about the Moms' group and the awesome testimony we heard, but got totally absorbed in being the mommy, housekeeper, chaffeur, cook, butler, and laundress and forgot!

One of the things that our speaker did last week was to provide for us a fantastic perpetual calendar called "365 Days on My Knees". And while my mind admittedly went straight to the Jaci Velasquez song "On My Knees" (oh the soundtrack in my head!), and I sort of went "Yay...another reminder that I stink at being spiritual", I have decided after opening it, and reading it each morning (it sits on my kitchen counter right by my sink, at eye level), that it is really good!

I find myself, much like many other moms I'm sure, at my sink washing dishes, hands, food, and toys so many times that I read the thought or verse about a billion times each day! What better way to think on "...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Phil 4:7-9 than to have it right smack in your face every time you turn around?

I also noticed on a recent epsiode of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" that she has taped pieces of paper all over the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and lots of other places I'm sure, with Scripture verses...and I was floored at the simplicity of keeping God's word right in front of me. So much so, that I felt a little silly at how excited I was!

And now to the root for all this rambling...we need your prayers in a serious way! In earlier posts, I mentioned BB's concern about our finances, and his stress, and our budget. Well...Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for Church, BB was irritable, ok, he was downright cranky! As we backed out of our driveway, he finally exploded and yelled at me for not throwing some trash out. I replied that I knew we were running late, and was more concerned about getting to Church than throwing out McDonald's wrappers. I asked why he was so upset and his answer to me was "I don't want to go to Church. It doesn't do any good. I don't get anything by going." I knew right away what he was talking about, and my heart plummeted. He has been so worried about making payments on a timeshare we own in Breckenridge that is causing us to spend a lot of money each month that we could really use. We've been praying for guidance, and that someone would want to buy it, and nothing has happened for the last 3 years. BB is so mad at God that we've been praying for 3 years about someone buying it, with no one interested, that he forgot WHY we go to Church in the first place! While the sermon was about sorrow, and how we grieve, it was incredibly pertinent to our situation. God has NEVER answered my heart's cry so swiftly as He did Sunday morning. The entire 10 minute ride to Church all I could do was pray that God would show me how to help my husband...

Since He helped on Sunday, would you please pray that BB and I have true clarity about our money, that, most of all, BB would have his heart touched every day to be reminded that God wants our hearts, not bargains with us???

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FarmWife said...

I'm praying for clarity & help for you both.