January 02, 2008

New Year's Greetings

Well, now that it is the 2nd of January, I should probably post something right?

We've spent almost all of our moments with the family, and and holy cow am I wiped out!

Captain Chaos slept from 6pm last night until 7:30 this morning...and the awesome thing???? He was NOT soaked!!!!! I'm not sure if that was from lack of fluids yesterday, or if we're truly approaching potty training readiness. Regardless, we're waiting until AFTER Baby#2 makes his/her appearance.

I'm sitting looking out over my family room, which is a jumble of Legos, puzzle pieces, and cars...Captain Chaos is back in bed for a nap, and I should be picking up and vacuuming my carpets, and taking down my Christmas ornaments and decorations.

BB is back at work for the first time in 12 days, and knowing that he only has at most 20 more days until he's off for a month only made it that much harder to go back.

I've got my mondo grocery list made out, and my coupons are clipped, the items to return are all tucked together in my purse, and the diaper bag is in the car, ready to go.

We've been able to hold off shopping for 10 days, as my mother has graciously been hosting the whole clan each night, feeding us feast after feast...but alas my cupboards are bare! Along with the refrigerator...UGH!

We've taken a good, long, hard look at our financial situation, and we will be doing some serious belt tightening over the next year...but that is not how we want to start out our new year, or the addition of our new baby. However, that is where we are, and we're hoping for some miracles this year.

On a serious note about finances...if anyone wants to buy a week in Breckenridge Colorado over Christmas to use for family vacations, or as rental income, let me know! That would make a huge difference to us to not have to be paying for that...

And finally, in the spirit of New Year traditions...here is the list of my resolutions:

1 - STICK TO MY BUDGET - no matter the temptation, I must follow our agreed budget.

2 - REVEL IN MY CHILDREN - to not get discouraged, or frustrated with them as they go through their normal development stages, but to enjoy each and every moment I have with them.

3 - TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF - not to lose myself in my role as Mama, but to be able to still be the woman that BB fell in love with, and still be able to find a way to be glamorous and true to myself.

Only 3, but I think they are more than enough for this year!

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