November 15, 2007

Heaving a Sigh of Relief

My FIL is off for a day of work (his normal routine while we're here), and my dear MIL is off to another of her meetings regarding their HOA and all it various evils.

She is part of their Finance Committee (think I mentioned that in the last post), and the most recent development is that the Board thinks they should stop putting money into the Reserve Fund, so they can use preventative maintenance to keep from having to spend money...or something like that...I honestly tuned out about half of the conversation because I didn't get it...oops! Any way...MIL being a CPA, she is the resident expert on all things financial, and is always right. She, unfortunately, takes great delight in taking on more than she should and then complaining about it endlessly. I think she feels the need to have people see how good she is to do so much under such horrible conditions. I, of course, was NOT a psych major, and could be waaaaaay off base with that one...

At any rate...Monday, there was a meeting with the Board to clear up some things. Tuesday there was a meeting of the Finance Committee to talk about the meeting with the Board. Yesterday there was a ton of convesation between she and several residents, not all of whom are part of this process, to talk about the 2 meetings, and some of their more immediate outcomes. Today, there is another meeting of the Finance discuss what to do now that the Board has made their decisions.

I am sorry that things are icky, but am glad that they are taking MIL away for a little bit...the chance to breathe and not feel like I'm under a microscope is nice. (Please see subsequent posts for explanation of this issue.)

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