September 30, 2007

Time Flies When You're Having...Housework?

Phew...ok, after 90 minutes of intense housework, I now have my 2nd load of laundry in the wash, the first is drying, the "don't put in the dryer" things are hanging up in my laundry room, the floors are washed or vacuumed, the surfaces are all dusted, polished, scrubbed (in fact, all surfaces could now be eaten off of!), all the trash is emptied, the kitty litter has been changed, the dog cleaned up after, all things have been picked up, put where they belong (be that it in the trash/recycling or in their place), I've balanced the checkbook, and paid the bills, cleaned out my fridge (and I mean, all the shelves are glistening and the bins are all shining), organized my kitchen cupboards, and pantry, I've cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom, including the carpet (not my idea to have that in the bath by the way!), and have as much as I can move, moved to clean my bedroom carpet in the morning, I've removed my nail polish, and am sitting down to a quick bite to eat!

YIKES! Who knew that power cleaning would mean I could do everything but move furniture?!?!?!?

I've decided to take the rest of tonight enjoy some time playing with Captain Chaos, and then, once he's in bed, to take a long soak in my shiny tub, and give myself a pedicure while I can still reach my own toes, and manicure.

I think I deserve some ice cream too...its just too bad I don't have any in the house, although I do have an unopened package of Nutter Butter cookies in my cabinet...hmmmm wonder how bad it would be for me to eat the whole thing tonight???

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